Welcome Back to What Was Already Yours: Context

In October 2011, members of the Four Corners community, along with organizers and allies, occupied a vacant foreclosed home at 40-41 Fowler Street in Dorchester. The occupation came on the heels of both Right to the City's national day of action against Bank of America, organized by City Life/Vida Urbana, and the inauguration of the Occupy Boston encampment at Dewey Square.

The St. Simon family, who had previously been displaced from their home through foreclosure, stepped in to occupy the house. To inaugurate its opening, and to announce that the home was being held under community control, a group of artists and community activists organized a street festival and set up an installation inside of the house that asked participants to reflect on what roots them in the places they live.

The documents that were collected over the course of the occupation's opening events were then collected and compiled into a book, with the design help of Publication Studio Boston, Anne Callahan, Dylan Gauthier, and Sam Gould.

Full copy of the book is availble online at the Imaginary Archive curated by Gregory Sholette.