Noises Over Norwell: Project Description

Noises Over Norwell was a temporary pirate radio station set up inside a vacant, foreclosed house in Dorchester that members of the community took over and occupied for four days in June, 2014, in order to pressure Fannie Mae, who owned the property, to transform the building into affordable housing.

The broadcast, which ran around the clock using an antenna mounted on the roof, took over 106.1 FM for the duration of the occupation -- a spot on the dial left vacant after TOUCH 106.1, "the fabric of the Black community," was raided and shut down by the FCC in April. Charles Clemons, co-founder of TOUCH, came on the air with us on Saturday, June 7, to show support for the effort to reclaim vacant homes for community control and reclaim an empty spot on the dial. "The revolution may not be televised," he said. "But it will be radiolized."

For our broadcast, we held roundtable discussions, interviews, and information conversations with policy advocates, organizers, academics, lawyers, musicians, poets, and members of the community; we aired field recordings, radio plays composed of language culled from bank documents, and DJ sets that folded testimonials in with beats.